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Douglas Kennedy, The Woman in the Fifth

I've just finished reading this book and a nice description of Paris by an anglo-american author. A good one, to my opinion for the 3/4 and then a pirouette, just perhaps because he didn't know how to go on. The book can be read without a dictionary (my GG level is definitely under 5 ;) )
Wiki :"The Woman in the Fifth, the story of a beleaguered professor who falls in love with a strange woman who isn’t the person she seems, was also adapted into film, and was released in France in November 2011, starring Ethan Hawke and Kristin Scott Thomas". What do you think of it ?

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  • A book exchange club? Nice Idea!!!
  • Sorry I didn't react to your answer before, Fugendichter, especially as you seem to be the first person interested in my idea. I was flooded with work and family's issues and I could'nt find the time for coming to read and write here. We'll have to find out, I'm affraid that the price for sending books from France to Germany might be more than the price of the book... In the meantime I've been reading "The woman in the fifth" and yes, it's a good one, gripping and thrilling ! Thanks a lot to εBrain to make me discover Douglas Kennedy. I liked it so much that I went on with an other title of him, "The pursuit of happiness" wich I like even more, I'm approaching the end and can hardly help but reading it.

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