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I've seen here and there in this forum few posts pointing errors in GG lessons. I didn't find out yet if it is the right place to do so, but I'll venture :

In the scene 4 of 4 of the lesson of which title is above, the dialogue spoken in the audio is also written below, instead of being given in the correction after.

And in related news, you make great fun with this poor Jean Marron, showing him utterly silly, not enough with the awfull french accent so often mocked (I admit it's sometimes true, I know some...) but he is also stupid, doesn't know anything...

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  • My goodness! I couldn't ever figure out that our outstanding mate going by the name of Spoiler could loathe his own nickname as it is used as a common noun. In my circle of acquaintances I can number a good many who loathe their last name because it is a homographic homonym of something that is not so great. Some others also loathe a moniker that they got from scoffing people around them. It's the mark of the human condition. As Heidegger said, what you are in every fiber of your being comes mainly from the society you are embedded in.

    But a nickname on a forum, it has been freely chosen by the one who likes to be called so.
    If Donna the Doctor in esotirism and folk magic referred to a car part, it is because she can't help thinking out of it, just to make fun and - as she said - "keep the ball rolling on a wrecking ship".
    As for me I'll tell you, Spoiler, that what first springs to my mind when I come across the word 'spoiler', it's that device on the wings of my glider that I am so happy to use to reduce speed before touching down at landing. Spoiler has a positive meaning to me. Anyway, when reading your notes on this forum, I right up think of a Spoiler with a capital S and I am brought to think of someone who spoils the "jibber-jabber", the blathers and the misconceptions. Doesn't negating a negation result in a validation? That's why our mate Spoiler doesn't spoil anything, but just what has to be spoiled. He is a Spoiler i.e. a challenger who is looked at as at one of the best masters in English.

    Say, a spoiler is also said to be "A candidate for office whose chances of winning are slight but who may get enough votes to prevent one of the leading candidates from winning." but we know there is every chances that our Spoiler will be a leader.
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  • I don't loathe my nickname - if I did, wouldn not have chosen it.

    But what I loathe is pimping cars - and luckily I am not embedded in a car-embellishing-enviroment.

    "Spoiler" would be a double negation if you perceived jibber-jabber as something bad, but I don't. Jibber-jabber is a crucial social convention that glues people togehter. The conversation of the coffeee machine in an office is a source of social bonding and information which is not to be underestimated. As a matter of fact, as I read amd experienced, the bulk of information and ideas in a company is not exchanged in official meetings, but in casual conversations at the coffee machine or other inofficial, frequently visited meeting points.

    Long live "jibber-jabber"! Or let it not call "jibber-jabber", rather "casual conversations" or "chats".
  • This is really interesting: AhQ is stating that 'jibber-jabber' and 'blathering' needs to be spoiled - without even noticing that he is biting the hand that feeds him. :D

    We talk about the origin of a nickname - and somebody is coming up with Heidegger, mostly unrelated to anything in this thread.

    Who really needs Heidegger to figure out that many aspects of our self is determined by the social enviroment we're in. (Maybe Martin Heidegger figured this out during his hikes through mountains and woods?)

    AhQ is a paragon of how you can use every opportunity to pull out the big guns and quote any of the great philosophers, however loosely connected the quotation is to the topic.

    Whenever you at a party with slighly educated people, you can always leave an erudite impression when you have some of the great philosophers up your sleeve and quote them whatever statement of your co-guests seems fit to be commented on.

    You can use any philosopher people have most likely heard of: Heidegger, Wittgenstein Spinoza, Kant (frequently used), Nietzsche (a little bit hackneyed) - whoever, as long as it's one of the known names. And you don't have to fret whether the quotation is trenchant. It can be fuzzily related to the topic or even totally beside the point- it doesn't matter. People are simply impressed by the fact that you can cite a philosopher.
  • "All were playing the Truman show for me !
    Pretending to be fellow-learners, arguing and dicussing and answering to questions they were asking themselves, and saying that in the good old days the forum used to be more busy and attended (sure, it was to much a job for a single man or woman, so now he or she only used 7 nicknames, and pretended that this forum was drying up)"

    All I can tell you with certainty is that I, for one, have no self, and that I am unwilling or unable to perpetrate upon myself the joke of a self.... What I have instead is a variety of impersonations I can do, and not only of myself — a troupe of players that I have internalised, a permanent company of actors that I can call upon when a self is required.... I am a theater and nothing more than a theater.
  • Well spoken, Philip!
  • Please tell me what the Truman show is
  • I am the victim of a doppelgänger's attack.This post signed by my nickname is not from me.
    The regulations authorities cannot allow that.That is not fair.I demand inquiries for identity's usurpation.
    I have a little idea where it comes from.This one overthere who is scoffing at us from his overseas, Mascaret...or may be Mrs Butterfly who thinks she can get away with anything.But if someone has an evidence, I'll appreciate it.
    I am the only one Ursuline by now (though there is an Ursula around).
    And I, Ursuline, do know very well this film "the Truman show", the most terrifying genre of I have seen, with the extraordinary Jim Carrey.
    When I looked the post of Pimpanella, I wanted to write to her, but immediatly after, I thought she was also within the plot...and I took my drops...
    But now,I see my name, and I should have to gaze at my double discovering as me the truth of the matter, the enormity of the deception...
    "so manche nacht, in alter zeit"
  • Hi Stephanie, please !!! come as soon as possible because my friend ursuline is a victim of a doppelgänger's attack. She even thought I was in the plot ... :(
  • Here I am !
    Well ursuline, it seems there is an usurpation, indeed.
    I have to proceed to some controls, sorry...
    Do you remember what you were doing on that 08/13/2012 at 08:56 AM ?
    If you weren’t connected, you have been a victim of a spoofing.
  • Hi Pimpanella!
    A big thanks to have helped me!What a stroke of luck you have to remain a only one person!
    By the way,do you know who is really Stephanie Brown?

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