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A Small Detour

I've seen here and there in this forum few posts pointing errors in GG lessons. I didn't find out yet if it is the right place to do so, but I'll venture :

In the scene 4 of 4 of the lesson of which title is above, the dialogue spoken in the audio is also written below, instead of being given in the correction after.

And in related news, you make great fun with this poor Jean Marron, showing him utterly silly, not enough with the awfull french accent so often mocked (I admit it's sometimes true, I know some...) but he is also stupid, doesn't know anything...

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  • Hello Stephanie, at last you're here!
    At your question, on 08/13/2012 at 08:56 AM, I was not connected, it's too early to me.
    Anyway thanks for the first element you give me.
    Can put a word on what happened to oneself is a first and important step, so, a spoofing.It's serious?
    I will go one to follow closely your investigation
    An other person has had the same experience but He or She seems to be heedless of the matter.
    My best regards!
  • And by the way, Ursuline, are you sure it was the real Pimpanella answering ?
  • What!a new victim of the invaders??!!
    It is perhaps not too late to save her.But, reading again on the forum, I has detected what was may be the first signs of the illness,she was quoted as saying:I will do now by myself questions and answers overthere.
    I am feeling gulty to have thought that she would have took part knowingly of this masquerade.May be because of her nickname which reminds some characters of comic strip,kind of "Barbarella".
    But Pimpanella,whoever who are, don't go one, don't be a devil!
  • True ? That can be a clue. I 'll have to get there and investigate. :) ...
  • Thank you Master Epsilon to put your brain at the service of the cause.
    Affair worth following!
  • Meanwhile I've been away, I see there has been nasty games played by would-be funny ghosts jumbling the chit-chat by usurping nicknames :(((
    I hope the renovation which has been made on the forum will avoid any further attempt in that way.
  • OK, now that it is obvious it came from me , I have to confess it : Pimpanella, Spoiler, ursuline, green lemon or Idoine91 have one kind of character that can be inverted with this kind of fonts used in the forum: "l " (el lowercase) and "I" (ai uppercase). That made many new nicknames who would create the buzz... Sorry, it is not WYSIWYG !
  • Well, you really had no other choice but confess. But thank you to give us your trick, it was rather imaginative, if not ethical...

    And please, what does WYSIWYG stand for ?
  • Yes, I accept the criticism : I wanted to have the trick tested before the old forum was over. But we are in a new world with new rules, a blessing, as AhQ suggests : there won't be any Philip Cheeter among the gentle users any more, they are all dead (see OBIT). WYSIWYG is an anacronym for "what you see is what you get". It is used on the net. What you see is not always what you get : just because there are treatments in between. For instance what I see when I write this comment will not be the same (not the same fonts, for instance) after the Post. Who could tell that making a fake of ursuline, would impact green lemon's writings ? (yes, of course, green lemon himself !)

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