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i am an ivorian ,i like english. i like to get some people to chat with. ok, it is more important for me; may be can i help you in french.


  • That's what I wanted to hear, a warm "Welcome back" from anybody, be it EpsilonBrain/Donna or anybody else
    (it really warms the cockleS of my heart) ;)

    But anyway, we have seen what forgetting to click a button with the mouse can do. Suddently, two persons turn out to be one person. I would also be pleased to be welcomed by any of both apparitions of that one person.
  • ...well? No warm "Welcome back" to warm "the cockled of my heart?".
  • I didn't know you have missed so much. I am both suprised and flattered. Usually, people throw books at me when I walk along the beach.

    No, I was in fact occupied otherwise. Should happen from timee to time.
  • June 2012, sorry Spoiler :( I am looking at old messages and find this one, that I missed). It's never too late I hope ;) Congratulations
  • Yes a few fellow-learners, but I am worried about Spoiler : no new message. Perhaps he is on spoils my life on the forum :(
  • EpsilonBrain DOES NOT EXIST you've been told ! This is why he can't welcome you ;)

    As you can see, it takes me some time to digest this news, could I express it like this : it stays accros my throat ?

    But I do welcome you as a real person, real gg fellow-learner, helping this forum to go on :)
  • Hello Blaise,
    I'm not so fan of chatting, but why don't you take a seat and have some talking here. We are few lonely fellow-learners waiting forward to converse with others.
    Did you just started gymglish courses ?
    I started about two months ago, and I felt addict right away.
    I hope we'll read you again
  • As far as I am well-informed, Pimpanella, Epsilonbrain doesn't exist ANY MORE. Why do you persist in dropping that two words? As a has been, he has turned a ghost.

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