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I was wondering ,how could I increase my rate in vocabulary knowing that after learning about 200 words I am still at the same poor level that at the first moment I started ....?????Thanks to answer .


  • I don't know how it works for the rate, GG says I learnt less words than you did (~130), but my vocab level increased. I let the software make it's calculation without being too concerned...
    I'm mostly motivated to increase my vocabulary because I'm very short of words.

    If you're willing to learn more vocabulary, I can advise you to read. And when reading, have a translator next to you, search the words you don't know, and write them (I made an excel table. And I found it easy, when we don't have to browse a dictionary anymore : I read quite continuously, just looking for a meaning once in a while, and after, when I stop reading, I collect my words one by one by going back with the translator.)
    I'm not sure I'm talking "loud and clear" am I ?
  • Hi coconuts,

    Your vocabulary level is based on the difficulty of the terms you select for self requests, your performance in the 'flex-your-memory' section at the beginning of lessons, and how well you do in vocabulary based questions in the 'story' part of lessons.

    However, it can fluctuate and is not necessarily always a great indicator of your real vocabulary level, so please don't worry if it doesn't seem to be increasing. I'm sure you are still making progress just by doing your lessons regularly.

    I hope this helps!


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