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The European Financial Crisis

I'd like to learn more about the European financial crisis. Where can I find economy-related terminology.


  • As long as terminology is concerned, perhaps you can visit
    To get better explanations about the crisis you can read "The Economist". (I don't know if one can read articles on the net...try and tell me, Fugendichter ;) )
  • Dear E-Brain, to shorten it up. Forgive me, please!
    Thanks for the quick hints. Do you know bailout and austerity?
  • Concerning the Economist online version: they invite you to registration, but it's possible to read the articles even to use audio and video offers.
    Thanks E-Brain for these helpful links
  • From Fugendichter:
    Do you know bailout and austerity?

    Yes, sure ! I visit companies and now, when I sleep in a **hotel, it costs me 5 euros, otherwise I don't have any breakfast :(
  • EpsilonBrain can also be shorten up that way : εBrain
  • E-Brain is not bad and εBrain, nice too. The symbol remains : tiny brains that need much elapse time to produce an answer.
  • Abbreviations are for tiny brains, brainless people?

    How can I produce this Epsilon here. I dont find it on my keyboard.
  • And where are these nice smileys?
  • I understand that εBrain means it's eplsilon, the greek letter, which is symbol of tiny, because of it's use in mathematics for negligible quantities.
    He said he is tiny brained, not us ;)

    You must use a greek keyboard (in a translator) or special characters in a word processing, or copy it just above to produce it.

    Those smileys are done with :
    ; and ) for ;)
    : and ( for :(

    Great, that pulled us away from bailout and austerity ;)

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