The Delavigne Corporation

Delavigne Corp - New videos on line!

You should check these new videos about the Delavigne Corp. Pretty funny! (copy and paste the link)

GymGlish - What do you see Mr Cheeter 1/4

GymGlish - What do you see Mr Olere 2/4

GymGlish - What do you see Mr Delavigne 3/4

GymGlish - What do you see Mr Marron 4/4

Hope you'll enjoy it!
Peace Out -
Willy (The Security Guard of the Delavigne Corp.)


  • Hi Willy.

    Nice and amazing indeed.
    Previous releases on youtube had show us how the Delavigne team looked like.
    A tremendous show off.

    Now with the results of the Rorshah we can look into the bottom of their soul.
    We are upset.

    But what about you, Willy?
    Are you left on the margins of the Corporation?
    Appointed or temporarily worker?
    For we could neither watch your show off, nor look into your soul.
    But be at peace, lucky are the humble ones.

  • Its very nice ! lol
  • hi, its very funny, i like the pictures and the pronunciation its very clear
    thank you a lot

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