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Coming right up

What does it mean and how can we say it in other words:

Coming right up: your next lesson


  • Amendment:
    AhQ didn't get the joke. He didn't understand the punchline.

    Well, let me give you a hint:"The punchline plays with the stereotype that physicists are considered unattractive geeks/nerds, with a lack of social skills, and have a hard time getting women. So - in order to point that out the odds that a real woman is attracted to him are implied to be much less than the probabilities in quantum mechanics. Got it?

    A hint: Heidegger and other philosophers cannot help here. What one need is pure intelligence.
    Hard times are coming up!
  • Yeah [...] "write" [...]
  • No, I don't plan to right something like this. And I'm no physicist. I'm merely telling a joke.

    What's wrong with you? What happened to you in school? Did the other children tease you? Didn't you get enough
    attention from your parents? What is it?.

    No, please don't tell us.
  • Talking of lame physicist jokes, here is another one: (not funny either, but this time quite insulting indeed)

    A physicist is sitting alone at a table in a Cafe, vis-a-vis to an empty chair and is talking to that chair.

    Another customer asks him: "What are you doing? Why are you talking to that empty chair? "

    Physicist: " You know, due to quantum mechanics, there is a little chance that this chair will turn into to a lovely young woman, who falls in love in me, and I can buy her a drink?"

    Customer: "Yes. But couldn't it also happen that a real woman comes through that door,
    feels attracted to you and let you buy her a drink?"

    Physicist: "Yeah - but what are the odds for that happening?"
  • No, this is not funny - as you pointed is out quite correctly (ironically). It's only a lame insider joke. It was not my intention to be funny, I just wanted to show what lame insider jokes are. Ha, ha, ha!
  • If I may add a helpful example here:

    "Coming right up" is something a bartender says (for the example), when you order a beer in a bar:
    You: "A beer please, bartender!"
    Bartender: "A beer? Coming right up".

    Meaning: The beer is going to be poured and delivered right away.

    For physicist, the matter would be quite different:

    A neutron is coming into a bar, asking the bartender: "How much is a glas of beer". The bartender: "For you? No charge!".
  • Hi Fugendichter,

    If something is "coming right up", it is coming immediately or instantly, or it will be with you very soon.

  • "Probabilities in quantum mechanics interfering with human connection daydreams" by a famous physicist is to be released soon. Congratulations to that buddy of us, the author.
  • Very funny, Spoiler, your play on words about the no electric charge of the neutron. Ha, ha, ha!

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