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Films About University Life, Students Life , Campus Life All Over The World

Please help me find them all:
Lost in translation.......


  • Nobody answers :(
    I am not a specialist; I'd suggest the beginning of "When Harry Met Sally"
    and a collegue says "A Beautiful Mind" (no tiny brains as you see ;) ).
    No more : but as my friend is a film specialist, perhaps he'll some other titles soon...
  • there is an answer at : :
    The Breakfast Club
    Loving Annabelle
    Dead Poets Society
    The History Boys
    Revenge of the Nerds
    Mean Girls
  • In order to continue the list:

    'The Social Network' is in most parts set in University life (in Harvard), about the early years of
    Marc Zuckerberg
  • and:

    "A Single Man"

    with Colin Firth is about an English professor at a Univesity in California, set in early 60's.
    Some scenes take place on the Campus and in the classroom. A wonderful movie, by the way.
  • You were at work while I had already given up my search for Campus-films. Thanks a lot for your tips and hints, Epsilon Brain and Spoiler!
    I always get sheer pleasure out of reading your comments. Thanks!
  • Never mind Fugendichter, it's always a pleasure ;)

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