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Should be the last :less than 4 days before the starting of the new version ;)


  • I will survive ;)
    from Muse at the Olympic Games.
    Isn't it subtle ?

    "Race, life's a race
    And I'm gonna win
    Yes, I'm gonna win
    I'll light the fuse
    And I'll never lose
    And I choose to survive

    Whatever it takes
    You won't pull ahead
    I'll keep up the pace
    And I'll give you my strength
    To the whole human race

    Yes, I am prepared
    To stay alive
    I won't forgive
    Vengeance is mine
    And I won't give in
    Because I choose to thrive"
  • the brainy epsilon
    in spite of the solon
    who wanted him abuse
    gets spoiled by Greek muse

    subtle indeed the trick
    it is like a gimmick
    turning death into birth
    rebirth after rebirth

    nothing like a loser
    our metamorphoser
    was born as a winner
    darting in the inner

    hard-bitten as he is
    any triumph is his
    never failing to brace
    the whole human race

    thank you epsilon-brain
    none of us will disdain
    the boost that you give us
    being so courteous
  • That's fine art, AhQ, and Mom Donna will certainly be very proud of me. ;)

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