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Pour m'apprendre à parler anglais

Il serait normal de savoir parler français !
En ce qui me concerne, pas la peine de continuer : vous n'êtes que des fumistes !


  • Et mon commentaire est déformé
  • Stupidité !
  • Hello Marc,

    What is your complaint exactly? Did you see a French mistake somewhere? Care to tell us where? There's not much I can do about a complaint this vague.

  • For those who don't want to read any French in this Forum, this is a free translation from the inner progressing Robot :
    MR : "To teach me how to speak English !
    It would be right to be able to speak French !
    ... And my comment is distorted...
    ... Stupidity !
  • Thanks for the awesome translation Robot. It doesn't quite have the same ring to it in English, does it? Still sounds nice and angry though.
  • €TranslatorRobot has had his education on the Continent, that is why. It doesn't speak Oxford English nor Californian even though it tried to improve fluency.

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