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Translation simultaneous

Hi users,
in the past I got a advisable translation besides the English vocable when I marked it in the text by the mouse.
Now suddenly this feature doesn't work.
What can I do, to restore this application??
greetings Piepsong


  • Correction of a typo ".. this is [b]not the honest way [/b]to go..."

    ...and thirdly: It's their business, not ours.
  • You are right in pointing out that using a quick translation tool in the lessons would be a kind of cheating on oneself. We all know that and I thought the same thing (provided the questioner really uses the translation tool in this way).

    But, firstly, we don*t know whether the questioner really uses the translation tool in that way. It could also be that he or she just looks up words in question, explanation or answer section or even on other webistes. And sometimmes, you simply have to look up the exact translation. It's not always possible and pertinent to infer everything from context. Sometimes, a guess from context can be downright wrong at least fuzzy. In an evaluated lesson of course this is the way honest to go, but while reading in general in a foreign language it's appropriate.

    And, secondly: Most of the GymGlish lessons are audible lessons, not lessons in reading comprehension. Hence, we can imply even less that the user use the tool for 'cheating' on him-/herself.

    And, last but not least, I didn't consider my part to explain with a wagging finger that the questioner should not take advatange of a translation tool by taking the easy way: Firstly, because I don't know for sure that he/she does indeed. And ,secondly, I just confined myself to give technical advice on a technical question.
  • Hi Piepsong,

    Since I think I know the cause of the problem -there was a similiar question some time ago- I take the liberty of answering the question.

    A translation tool tip feature is part of your web browser, and is not a feature of GymGlish.

    So my piece of advice to you is: Maybe it's the best to look into the preferences of your Internet Browser. If you use Firefox, there are one or more Add-Ons for quick translation and possibly one of them has been disabled or deinstalled recently. For the Interent Explorer the origin in this problem might be a missing or disabled plugin, and for other browsers respectively.

    The solution in this case is to enable or reinstall the respective Add-on or Plugin.

    If hope this helps.

    Best Regards
  • I agree with you, Spoiler. I didn't want to seem downright admonishing, I'm not here for that (although my job as an IT teacher may be rising here... ;) ).
    I was just giving my humble opinion.

    I admit that when I'm reading a text in English (like an electronic book, thanks to readers !) and I have doubts about the signification of a word, I don't hesitate to use electronic dictionaries to clarify the meaning (thanks to electronic readers again !).

    When, some years ago, I decided to improve my poor scholar English, I went for books for youth, or thrillers as Sherlock Holmes' or Miss Marple's (I already knew a bit of these stories, so it wasn't as difficult as others...). I had tried weekly magazines before, and wasn't inspired by them. A real story is always more interesting for me...

    At that time, it was paperbooks, and I used a pocket paper dictionary. It was really a pain to stop reading very regularly to search for a translation...
    I decided soon that I didn't need to understand all the words, and I started to enjoy the storyline.
    It's exactly like when you learn to read in your mother language, the more you read, the more you understand, the more your vocabulary improves, same for your grammar.
    Electronic devices improved my experience, as the search and find is now really fast, and doesn't impede the course of the storyline anymore...

    Now, about the lessons here...
    When I don't remember the meaning or the translation of a term, and it's the second time (or even the third !) it is proposed on a lesson, I'm very tempted to do a little snooping too ;)
    But, again personnally, I'm finding more benefiting in the long term to learn by errors (when I have time !) than to take shortcuts...
    Again here, I'm not criticizing, just trying to explain what's working for me... ;)

    So, and finally, even if my first intervention was indeed a little like a wagging finger, it was just made with a smile, a wink and with good humor, and I hope it was understood like that.
    If not, I'm really sorry, and I obviously need to improve even more my english to express my ideas more precisely, without hurting any feelings...
  • I'm thinking of the same thing...
    But I'll add some piece of my mind, too...
    Isn't this tool a little cheating ?
    I personnally have numerous tools to translate words or idioms I don't understand, and as I'm here to learn to understand the general meaning of a text, then the subtleties, I force myself not to use them (even if it's implying my score will be lower ! ;) )
    If you don't try not to use them, your score will be better, but your progression here will not be a real one, I think...
    Just my two cents... ;)
  • Hi users,
    in the past I got a advisable translation besides the English vocable when I marked it in the text by the mouse.
    Now suddenly this feature doesn't work.
    What can I do, to restore this application??
    greetings Piepsong

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