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lip-service and loophole


  • 'brouhaha' is mine. Just heard it today in a podcast.
  • Is that English? I thohght it was French. But you are right, Oxford D says: oldfashioned and familiar.
  • Of course, the origin is French, and apparently the word has established itself in English and my favourite dictionary has it.

    I like that word, it's something that is not used very often and it is "mellifluous" (another word of the day) and 'onomatopoeic'. I heard it most recently is an American political podacst and it grabbed my attentiono on the spot.

    But, on a more serious note, I would forgo the hyphen in "lip service". It's 'more correct' that way.
  • ..and - don't we have another erudite person around here telling us the the origin of "brouhaha" is actually Hebrew (literally "bless is he who comes").
    What will eventually happen and what brouhaha will we see when the Messiah actually comes along, and says:

    "Sorry, guys, I'm late. But we have blown this whole redemption, paradise and end-of-the world-thing off. You know, my father is not the youngest anymore and I am totally snowed under with other stuff. Sorry, again, for all the inconvenience. And please tell the other guys, the Christians and Moslems, too. The whole thing is off."

    That would cause a 'brouhaha'.
  • Really?!
  • if "Brouhaha" is oldfashioned, we can use "Buzz", same effect ?
  • Thanks for the omitted hiphen
  • I guees we can use a lot of synonyms: a fuss, a commotion, a hoopla, a buzz, an excitement instead
    of brouhaha. But, as I was told, it*s only similar as long as the other terms have the connotation of an
    unneccessary excitement to it. When the word "brouhaha" is used is has a negative undertone to it, because the excitement is either deemed unneccessary or exaggerated.
  • hi,
    It makes me thinck at a word that I learnt a couple of days ago, hurly-burly, I like it,it sounds more visual than its translation in french,tohu-bohu that I also like but that one doesn't heard very often.
    There you go!

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