English Grammar

Wrong correction ,

I wrote :
"Jean has been studying English for six months before coming to work in America."

And the correct answer would be :
"Jean had studied English for six months before coming to work in America."

I can't believe it !
What do you think of it ?


  • I can understand that you are somehow puzzled by the Past Perfect being the correct tense in this case, because we have learnt that for an action which started at an unspecified point in the past the Present Perfect is the correct choide.

    Nevertheless, if you look really close you'll see that there is a specific point in the past before which the action had taken place. And that past point is when Jean came to America. And relative to that point in time we have an action which occured even further back in time: Jean's studying Englisn.

    In a shutshell, whenever we have a action which started before a past action or moment and which was completed by the that moment, we use the Past Perfect,

    e..g: [i][b]
    "Before Jean came to America (=action/time in the past), he had studied (or: had been studying) English for six month (=action preceding the past action/time)."[/b][/i]

    The Gerund form (" before coming" ) in the original sentence is only anotther form (a reduced form) of saying "before he came".
  • "You're welcome. I always a pleasure to give comprehensive answers and reap a nice response."
  • Oh, thanks a lot Spoiler.

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