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How to improve my vocabulary score ?

Here is a post I made several months ago, and nothing changed.

"My current general level is 5.5 (started [in January] at 5.0). I have reached 5.5 for all levels, except vocabulary, as I was and still am at 3.0...
I'd like to know how to increase this one !
As I read a lot, my reading comprehension is correct, and grammar as well (as a result).
I don't stop for many words, so it seems vocabulary is better than that 3.0. I don't understand how it's calculated... Do we need to make mistakes, then learn the words, then increase the score ?
For oral comprehension, it depends of the subject, and of course of the accent !"

So how can I improve my vocabulary score ? It's like it's stuck at 3.0 ! I'd like to see it move, one way or the other. This state is really frustrating !
Thanks in advance.


  • It sounds very strange that you don't can increase your vocabulary! I can't help you but I hope somebody can give you an advice.
    You must be very good at English as your level is 5.5!
    My level is 4.9 and the vocabulary is 4.4
  • Hello Idoine,

    Your vocabulary level is based on the difficulty of the terms you select for self requests, your performance in the 'flex-your-memory' section at the beginning of lessons, and how well you do in vocabulary based questions in the 'story' part of lessons.

    Try not to focus too hard on increasing your level, as is not necessarily a perfect representation of your ability in vocabulary. As long as you keep doing your lessons regularly, you should keep improving.


    Sam Brightbart
    The GymGlish Team
  • Hello Sam,

    OK, I'll just do as you do my lessons as you say and I am sure to keep improving.

  • From ldoine91:
    Hello Sam,

    OK, I'll just do as you do my lessons as you say and I am sure to keep improving.


    [b]Hey !
    I didn't write that ! I was on holiday !!![/b]

    By the way, thanks Sam for your answer. It seems I don't ask for explanations about the terms I didn't understand the first time, so it's why my score doesn't improve...
    I'll try to check some words when I continue, and I'll see if that's better...

    @ Kexet, as I wrote here, I read a lot, so my reading comprehension and my grammar are correct. If only my speaking could be this great... ;)
  • Join the club Idoine 91!
    Me too have read at least one post signed by my nickname that was not from me.It is very worrying.I have written to the authorities and an investigation is led by Stéphanie Brown Herself.You will see her post in "Comment about the English forum".
    About notations,I don't have yet not my double-five despite my work.I suspect him,her or them to answer at my place at the grammatical questions!
    I couldn't ever get it...
  • Perseverance is the word here, Ursuline #1 ! Courage ! ;)

    By the way, on Sunday I tried with answering further information about a word on my lesson, and just after having answered my lesson of today, I went to my workbook : My level in vocabulary jumped from 3.0 to 4.2 !
    I hope now it will increase regularly !
  • Hi, I'm here !
    By the way, are you sure these posts have been signed by your own nickname (certainly, you noticed it, if you want to use someone's else nickname, the system won't allow it) ?
  • Appalling can you fancy anyone trying to spoil your scores ...what's the point ?

    Your levels should enable you to be more ...relax !

    First time I have a look at this ...

    So disappointed

  • Hi, Trifle,

    I don't think anyone is manipulating my scores, just that someone posted a message on my behalf.
    By the way, dear Stephanie, all I see is that I didn't send that message, as I wrote above, and when I quoted that message, I didn't see any alteration in the nickname used, like a space before or after, for example. I'd rather say it was an unpleasant surprise, to see somebody usurping my identity here...

    @ Trifle : I don't think anyone could intercept the message to modify my scores.
    As an application developer myself, I'm just curious and a little wary about the way the vocabulary level is calculated, and I'm beginning to think that if you don't request further information by checking boxes on vocabulary, the level is somewhat skewed... ;)

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