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Hi, everybody, I’m Stephanie Brown…
Those who want to see me, press “Images” with my name in the Google bar…
I’ll investigate this forum as long as I can, as long as I don’t meet The Black Mask, as long as this forum exists.
Users say their nickname is being used by someone else.
I’ve got a mission given by the Highest Authorities : find the criminals.
Help me, give me clues , describe every prejudice…
If you want to keep it totally private, feel free to drop a long and detailed mail at : .
Your thankful Stephanie.


  • Hi, Stephanie
    It is an great honour to have you for this dificult mission.We read your biography and are very impressed.
    But it is very urgent!
    I was told that he or she goes out at the full moon and join his followers(all junkies).It is today!!!!
    Go quick and find out the culprit!
    With all our confidence!
  • Dear Stephanie,
    Be wary of those innuendos which, hiding behind anonymity, are actually attacking, beyond the person who is (not fortunatly here by name) pointed at, some category, always the same, here the lunatics, drug-addicts, romantics..
    Keep us up to date on the advances of your investigation as far as possible.
    Thanks and good luck!
    A gymglish (and happy to be) abuser
  • Dear Stephanie, I wanted to tell a secret.
    Please help me, I don't understand the message below.

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