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hereby or thereby


In the story "A Cleaner Corporation (Scene 3 of 4)" i "stumbled" (thanks to correct me, if the verb is not the good one) bewteen two terms

'hereby' or 'thereby'

In the explanations :
-The term 'thereby' refers to an action which is distant in time or space. It means 'by that document' or 'as a result of that letter'. Since Luna is writing her own letter, we need the closer term: 'hereby'.

-'Hereby' is the best choice here. This little word means 'by this document' or 'as a result of this letter'. Luna is saying that her letter serves as notice that the contract between Delavigne and the cleaning company has been ended. Another example: 'I hereby resign from my job at this company'.

Luna DeLune wrote her letter to the cleaning compagny

It is therefore my obligation to inform you that the contract between our two companies is hereby terminated

I think i understand 'hereby' in this context

But i'm sorry, i don't understand very well how to use 'thereby'

Could you give me a concret example?

Thanks in advance.



  • I've just found an example on the net : "This system should alert guards of possible dangers or intrusions, thereby enabling guards to do what they do best: assessing the situation and taking the appropriate action". Specialists will tell if it is an appropriate example as far as the English language is concerned. Anyway, it seems to fit the security level on this network ;)
  • Hi εBrain,
    Thank εBrain. i'll try to capture the subtlety

    "This system" is something which we refer, but this system is not here.

    In my example, Since Luna is writing her own letter, we need the closer term: 'hereby'.

    but is it because she uses here, this letter to inform the staff that the contract between our two companies is terminated (hereby terminated)
    or because this is her letter which announce the contract end?

  • Hi Kurtleen,

    Basically, if the action described happens because of what is being said or written NOW, we say "hereby".

    For example, in the opening speech of the Olympic Games, someone usually says "I hereby declare these Olympic Games open".

    If the action happens because of something mentioned BEFORE, we say "thereby".

    For example, "John sent a rude text to Brian, thereby ending their professional relationship".

    I hope this helps!

  • Thanks for your answer Sammy B Really great ! That's it ! Definitly, i've understood everything.

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