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congratulation to Gymglish

I'm very glad to learn english on line via Gymglish.This is a smashing activity for me but i'm wrong to listen some one because their pronounciation are difficult.
I'm going to thank's Gymglish for this course.
By Konko


  • Hello Konko. We're glad to hear you're enjoying the lessons!

    Our actors try to maintain the natural speed and diction found in everyday conversations between native speakers. We realize it can be a challenge to understand every word, but the challenge is very worthwhile.

    Don't be discouraged, with more practice your ear will become accustomed to English and the variety of accents within our lessons. Feel free to listen to the dialogues a couple of times before answering the questions. It can also be very helpful to listen again to the dialogue, while reading the script, once you have received your correction e-mail.

    I hope this helps!

  • yes, and the story is so funny : characters are a bit out of their minds...

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