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Outdated statement about Australia and Kyoto

In the lesson " Radio Rhubarb: ozone layer despair" it is written "The Australian Government signed the Kyoto Protocol.
This statement is false. Moira reminds Stephanie that the Australians refused 'to sign the Kyoto treaty'. Stephanie goes on to say that 'the majority of Australians are against the government on this issue', which indicates that most Australians disagreed with the fact that the Government didn't sign the Kyoto Protocol."

Unfortunately for Gymglish, Australia has ratified this Protocol in 2007, after having been reluctant between 2002 and 2007 . Let's take care : the World is changing !


  • Better late than never!
    But it seems that "signed the Kyoto Protocol" equals "has ratified this", isn't it?
  • Hi Skiksa,

    This lesson was almost certainly written before the Australian government changed its mind about the Kyoto Protocol. It would be too complicated for us to go back and re-record our lessons to conform to every new event in world politics! In any case, it remains true that the government did, in the past, refuse to sign the treaty - although it's also great news that they've signed it now!

    Have a nice day!


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