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Wo'nt can

Thank a lot for your help ! I ask me if this formulation : " I won't can participate (I will not can participate) is correct in the following sentence or if I can not participate if the correct form ?
Dear Ms Jenny Zhang,

Thank you very much for your invitation. Unfortunately, I won’t can (or can't) participate to this very interesting congress because I have already obligations at the same date in 2013.

Best regards,


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  • From Calcard:
    That's my correction of the setences:

    "Thank you very much for your (kind) invitation. Unfortunately, I won't be able to participate in this very interesting congress, because I have already other obiligations on the same day in 2013."

    'Won't can' is not correct. Since we have the future tense here, it's appropriate to use the synonym "to be able to" instead.

    Best Regards


    OK Calcard thank a lot for your explanation.

    Best regards

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