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Favorite Gymglish Character(s): who and why?

of course it is me the best...
who makes the beautiful smells ?


  • Hello everyone,
    Bruno is absolutely the "charming prince" of the 21st century! Especially when I heard him flying to learn tango which I'm doing this year (8 miles fare from my home that's all!) and talking about all kind sports he practices... Hmm that manger let me dream and keeps me, in touch with Delavigne C. to learn more day after day. Is there any similar man like him on earth?... Dream, dream, dream...
    All the others got an interresting character and the expressions they use are good to learn that way.
    thanks to all the Delavigne Co.
  • How come no-one ever mentioned Icarus Quincy, except to note that he is “a baby” (which is somewhat true)? I find him so pathetically funny that I spend at least twice as much time on lessons featuring him, just because I can’t stop listening to every inflection of his voice, all of his err…, uhhm…, buhh…, uhh…, and he gives me such a laugh that he is able to brighten my worse day! I particularly enjoyed his hilarious meeting with Fiona Stakes, the efficiency expert (Fiona too is an interesting character, by the way…).
    Do you think Icarus is a narrow minded heartless obtuse selfish trivial little guy? You are wrong! How could he be so, bearing the name he was given: Icarus, that fabulous daydreamer who wanted to fly beyond the clouds, like an eagle, like an angel, until he crashed down on the ground? No, don’t judge him by appearances, try to see further than the end of your nose: Icarus is a hyper-sensitive creature and a real sweetheart. I am sure that if the Gymglish team gave him a chance to be loved by anyone else than his old mother, he would blossom like a delicate forget-me-not!
  • And what about Willy The Security Guard? No?

    Willy The Security Guard (of the Delavigne Corp.)
  • Whaouou I'm far to know all caractere of the story....but i love story, it's funny and caracteres are reels personnalities : Weldone !

    zaB who don't know the security Guard yet...)
  • From the very beginning on my Gymglish lessons I hadn't heard much about Luna yet - I mean that girl in blue square-glasses with red hair. She was outclassed by the Philip the boaster and the Susie the ambitious.
    This evening I got from a Delavigne office worker (I won't say who) a copy of the cover letter Luna wrote when applying for the HR manager post. The résumé (C.V.) therewith attached says a lot about that extraordinary woman.

    How graduated is she? Just a B.A. (bachelor of Arts!), bachelor in Communications and Management (doubtful), minor in alternative psychology (sure!).
    She pretends to have been hiring acrobats for a marmoset circus! No doubt she rather hired apes.
    She does confess that two-year long she got cuddling a sea otter.

    In my opinion, Luna can't be happy working at Delavigne's as a HR manager.
    Which clue leads me to think so.
    She spends her days in lighting candles in her office. That's scented candles with marine perfumes, not the Horatio's products.
    Either she will be sacked, either she will resign.
    And then the worst could happen.
    She won't live long between jobs. I know that someone of the Gymglish staff is willing to hire Luna as a vet. But Luna hasn't got any veterinerian degree!
    She would soon be sacked as a vet by the Veterinerian Order (I don't know how that professional society is called in U.S.)
    In short, a lot of troubles in sight. Poor Luna!
  • Not so fast, guy! That proves nothing. To know more about Bruno's PPL let's contact Icarus. His Super Duper Mystery Solving Lab will be able to spot the seat Bruno was occupying; would he sit on the right seat, he would be pilot in command. On helicopters, the pilot in command sits on the right while he sits on the left on a plane.
    But anyway most people don't care about it. That makes only two of us concerned by that matter.
    The major concern for the staff - and shareholders too - is the gap in management. Who could have foreseen such a happy-go-lucky elopment of the CEO and the interim CEO? That fills me with dismay.
  • This Friday some of us could have thought that we got a clue on the Gee's pending question about what kind of aircraft Bruno is flying.
    Leaving the company for a while or forever and ever, we could hear him inviting her love aboard his chopper.
  • Are you blind, Gee?
    Bruno has planned to elope to Seychelles with Susie.
    You'll retort that Jean Marron will track them down over there in a easy way as French is a common language around the many islands of the Seychelles.
    But Jean Marron hasn't got any PPL (Private Pilot license).
    And Bruno will fly and flee with Susie across the 6 airports of the Seychelles.
    It's a double way of "s'envoyer en l'air", you said it!
    More on the 9/29.
  • Hello Gymglish subscribers!

    Sooner or later you will learn - or perhaps you have already learned like me yesterday - that Bruno Delavigne is taking flying lessons. In an e-mail sent to Philip Cheeter with a copy to Susan Bliss, the CEO wrote: "My flying lessons are starting in the Seychelles (sic) on Tuesday."

    Many questions are preying on gymglishers' minds like "Why is he going to fly?", "Why in a Scheychelle airport?", "What kind of aircraft is he going to fly?"
    Many gossips are spreading around about this last question.

    Some of us think of a broomstick.
    As Bruno Delavigne is a regular visitor running on the Gymglish daily tales, he might have been impressed by the drunken wizards who are used to fly on broomsticks throughout the U.K.
    But in such a case he would have started his lessons in U.K. where so many clubs and schools are proliferating. That's why that hypothesis seems to be false.

    Some others think that the CEO might have been driven to fly by someone in his staff. I mean Icarus Quincy who, as every other characters, bears a name that suits him well. Quincy is quite a bit "coincé", isn't he.
    Icarus indeed has an ancestor that escaped from the maze by means of wings stuck onto his arms by his father Daedalus.
    If so, Bruno might drown into the Indian Ocean as the wax of his wings melts as the Delavigne corporation stocks get a bit hot. The CEO drowned in the ocean, Susan Bliss might go on managing the company in a funky way but the maimed company couldn't stand further the needed going on of the story.
    So this hypothesis has also to be turned down.

    Would he fly a balloon?
    Surely not, balloons are not for business men but for flying lovers only.

    A chopper?
    Neither, because Bruno's trips are not to nearby plants but to far away places around the world.

    So, the best choice for answering that worrying question is:
    Bruno is going to fly a plane.

    Why in the Seychelles?
    Maybe he intends to take part of the windsurfing race in September but most
    probably in remembrance of his grandfather and the perfume shop in Montmartre.
    Well before English French was the language of Seychelles together with creole.
    Which language will he use in his lessons. The first lesson deals with mastering the pitch of the aircraft. Will the instructor say "pitch" or "assiette"?
    And which type of aircraft is he going to fly at first? A single piston engine at first, not the business jet twin he will buy later, but which make?

    Maybe there is amongst the gymglishers a regular tourist to Mahé. He would be well advised to go and take a look at the International Airport in Mahé next Tuesday.

    Any further information on the topic is welcome.

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