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New forum is online !

Dear Gymglish users, we welcome you to our new Gymglish Forum (deployed September 2012). Speed of the forum should be much better than on the old forum. You can now star discussions (follow them): the star color will change when there will be new posts in the discussion that you have not yet read. For discussions you have starred, you can also request email notifications when a new comment is posted. We hope that you will enjoy the new Forum, mostly coded by our Forum Master Mihai ! Do not hesitate to post comments and/or suggestions below, we will do our best to improve the forum based on your feedback. Best regards and happy GymGlish, Antoine Brenner


  • Congratulation ! It took some more time that what was first announced but eventually you've done it. It is definetely faster, and it has nice improvements.
    It seems that there is still somme work on it before we can set our image.
    And what about the "search" button ? I tried too use it before, but it never found, I'm not sure it was even searching ;)
    Uh... and no smiley to express our happiness, mischief, puzzlement, disbelief or disappointment :((
    Anyway, it's still more pleasant to use, thanks to Master Mihai and to the whole team.
  • @Pimpanella: Could you tell us what where you searching for? For example if I search for: "what was first announced" I can find your post.
  • @Pimpanella: you should now be able to set your image with the "My Forum Profile" link at the top of the page. Best regards, Antoine
  • @Alex : You're right it does work properly now. When I had tried before, searching for few words as you did, or with a nickname, it didn't .

    @Antoine : I tried again, but I didn't succed, like yesterday. When loading my image, (I made sure it was under 2 ko,) a message read : "error : the nickname should not be empty" which is wrong, the nickname is filled.
  • @Pimpanella glad to hear it. I think it was a cache problem, it's good to know that it's fixed. Thanks a lot for your feedback! Alex.
  • I am not sure... but my image isn't the best thing i wish you ! Anyway, what's new exactly in the forum, explain, please. Antoine, I would like to see your image, succeed schowing it.
  • I have began in the Gymglish, i have receied much fun. but i still hesitation about my skill and tips,
  • i know that i need to more excessive, but how can i do, try, i really want to expand
  • i have started feeling that i like this forum

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