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not grammer but speaking technic question

Hi. This is my first post. I have a questions : English phrases seem to be longer than French ones. Less ponctuation. Speaking aloud gets me out of breath because I don't know where to breath (there is few comas). Is there a special way to punctuate sentences? Thanks.


  • Hello, welcome to you, robisme.
    I didn't notice a difference between the lenght of french and english sentences. I would say that in english like in french there are many different styles (ways of writing.) Sometimes english sentences are very short, depending of what it's going on, action or statements... IMHO = "in my humble opinion" of course ;)
  • Thank you. What I mean can be that, even if they are actually not longer, they seem to be (to me) because there is few punctuation that would help to take breath (speaking aloud). There is certainly a rythm in the words that can be used on this purpose, but I'd like some tutorial or lesson on this. I know Gymglish is not intended to train one's oral expression, but it's the course I use daily and there is a forum, so ... Regards.

  • Hello, robisme !
    I think it's exactly like in French : if you have a long sentence, without punctuation mark, the first thing to do is to read in your mind the entire sentence one time to understand the meaning, then read it aloud, with the punctuation you would have written yourself.
    It's what I do myself, in English as well as in French.
    With a little experience, I've learned to pinpoint verbs, prepositions and conjunctions (mostly), and this allows me (often) to cut the sentence into different parts...
    Hope this help... ;)

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