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How to fix ?

In my English lesson today : Stop fixing me with your eyes: it's disturbing. This is the only incorrect use of the verb 'to fix'. When we look at someone straight for a long time, we are 'staring at' them, not 'fixing them with our eyes'. But, in my British Dictionary, I can read : fix someone with: look at someone unwaveringly: Cowley fixed him with a cold stare Where's the truth ?


  • ... Seems in fact it's : "fix something (eyes, gaze, attention...) on / upon something or someone"... So we could say "Stop fixing your eyes on me"... But it's not very... elegant...

    Shorter Oxford Englih Dictionary : 2 verb trans. Direct steadily and unwaveringly; set (the eyes, gaze, affections, attention) on, upon. Also attract and hold (the eyes, gaze, attention, etc.). LME. ▸ b Make motionless with astonishment etc., hold spellbound. Now rare. M16. ▸ c Make (the eyes, features, etc.) rigid, as in death. E19.

    T. Herbert : Could but these Idolaters fix their mind upon Heaven. Byron : A shrine would fix The eye upon its seeming crucifix. (c) Shelley : Fix those tortured orbs in peace and death.

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