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Is a 4story building a 3storey one?

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  • Hi everybody !
    The Article in the Crawl Street Journal about the Delavigne Art Gallery tells us the story of a now well known four story-building in San Francisco. At least I guess it features four stories according to the journalist who calls it a three-storey one but that guy sounds so british to me. So I'm not that sure anymore.
    Everybody knows the Europeans never count the ground floor as a story, like the Americans do. By the way, that's the reason why the Empire State Building doesn't seem to be as tall, seen from Europe, as it is regarded in the United States.
    Some of you will probably say I'm being smart with that stuff. But still !
    Anyway, as for me, the question still remains. Is there somebody out here who can give a hand about that crucial issue ?
  • This post was deleted by the author 7 years ago.

  • This post was deleted by the author 7 years ago.

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