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slight error

There is a mistake in the explanations, in "The Rebecca Incident" (Scene 1 of 3) ex #3 n°5 : passive and active have been interverted : "Compare the following: (PASSIVE) Jack Karouac WROTE 'On the Road' in 1951. (ACTIVE) ' On the Road' was written in 1951 (by Jack Karouac)." And why Karouac for Kerouac ? Mistakes are another way to make something, right ? ;)


  • Hi Pimpanella, Thanks for pointing this out to us. I've corrected the correction (always wanted to write that). As far as 'Karouac' is concerned, we often change the names of real people in our lessons, however in this case I agree that it's too close to the actual name of the author. Changed as well! Thanks for your attention to detail. Andrew
  • Hello Andrew, I would like to ask you a question,if I may. Your answer to Pimpanella lets to thinck that your are a teacher of the gymglish team, but your profil indicate that you are a user.Incidentally you have the privilège to have two identifients..... Anyway, if you, or someone else would have the translation of the french expression 'deux poids, deux mesures' (I don't find it) , I have always wanted to use it. Regards The gibblers associated
  • I made an error.I wanted to say nevermind and I wrote anyway. .Sorry. In the hope of an answer Besr regards
  • Welcome to you Yellow of an egg !
    People here are changing their nickname like I change my clothes, you're throwing me askew... Anyway, (or never mind,) I searched the expression you asked for "deux poids, deux mesures" and both google trad and Reverso translated by "Double standards".
    An answer to be confirmed...
  • Welcome too Pimpanella! Thanks you for your answer.So, double standards! About nickname, I tried yesterday to change mine just to see, and I definitly gave up to understand. Tomorrow this post will be perhaps be signed by my former (green lemon). In any case, there is at least one rule here: one identity, one nickname at the same time! And I who imagined that you had a multitude of nickname with Pimpanella among others, I was wrong. Looking forwards to see your image soon on your profile as you planned to set it on! Bye! GL
  • Oh, but this rule (one nickname at a time) hasn't been always there !
    There was a time, before the brand new forum was born in last september, when some users had two nicknames, and some even had much more than two, you can read Epsilon Brain's confession under the topic "a small detour" (unlucky him, the robot doesn't like greek letters anymore...)
    And it is EBrain again who made you believe that Pimpanella was a nickname among many others, as he usurped identities, he explained how later, and he usurped yours too, if I remember well... But now you can see the posts from Spoiler, EBrain, Gwendy, yours, and so on, each user under only one nickname, the later you choose. There is maybe an exception for GiuseppeTheMonk ey, as a staff member, who get registred twice ?
    And for our profile's image, yes, we must wait for Antoine Brenner to settle the thing, I'm sure he is spending his nights and days on it ;-)
  • yes, that's right I confessed all my sins and I must say we (I wasn't alone !) perverted the system perhaps for the good reason we wanted to see many trains arriving and departing , in other words, we wanted to keep the ball rolling... By the way AhQ, was Sandy a man or a woman ?
  • very clever this search engine, I've got an answer written by...AhQ : "Secundo, Sandy was about to host me. She has a heart of gold. So I didn't sleep under a bridge more than one night. Good to me, for it was a bit chilly. Vic had warned me."...Victorine also was an alias...
  • All right! Ended to laught (Wink to eBrain I had a very good time with) Dura lex sed, certainly well-founded but I would notice? (ferais remarquer) that not only this rule is not be followed by everybody but it has been implemented retrospectively,. what is not fair in a law-society.I will refer to the Constitutionnal Board....When I would have time to.Learning English take me enough time like that.Thank to you Pimpanella for your contribution (settle is certainly better than set) Imagine all the people....youhou houhouhou....

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