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Am I a has been ?

Question for the nice organizers of GG forum :
When I post on the forum, there is a mismatch with the time read on the item, it is said to be written some hours ago...
And the"active since" date under my profile is wrong too, reading "3 semaines 1 jour" when I've been attending to the forum for about six months.


  • hello !! I have posted a message on the GG forum ten minutes ago : now it is said "added 19 h" Idon't understand what does it mean ?
  • Hi, forestine ! yeah, I just saw your post and for what I can see, you've been posting it 1 day 13 hours ago, and this answer to mine also at the same moment, and in your profile, it reads that you're an active member since 1 day 13 hours as well... Let's say this is a little bug ? which will be easily fixed by one nerd (with the meaning "fondu d'informatique" !) working on this forum.
  • Hello ! Thanks for reporting this issue. We will take a look. Best regards, Antoine
  • Great ! And when you're at it, maybe you could also have a look on this previous discussed little flaw that prevent us to set an image in our profile ?

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