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Confusion in using if and would in the same sentence

I have learned in high school that it is forbidden to use if and would in the same sentence. But now gymglish gave me the following correction in my last lesson: "I would appreciate it if you would not smoke on the bus." I would appreciate it very much if someone could explain to me the right solution. Thank you very much in advance!

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  • So, there is no Calcard anymore, but a mute Dwight... M'enfin ?
  • Well it is really not a scream you to be so angry, Calcard, but it must be a misunderstanding. There was absolutly no offense intended, and I am sorry you took one.
    Why can't we go on your own joke and self irony, and play with the image you just played with ? I like people who make fun about themseleves, you made me laugh, and there was nothing else behind.

    And I don't agree with the idea that learning at high school level, if you say so, prevent us to enjoy jokes. Humor is humor, there's no high school humor.

    Please, think about this differently ?

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