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Wrongful Termination

Why "wrongful termination" and not "wrong termination"? What might be the difference?


  • Why "wrongful termination" and not "wrong termination"? What might be the difference?
  • Oops ! I knew I should'nt answer to what I don't know ;) Your interpretation AhQ sounds more appropriate than mine.
    Thanks and luck for you, too !
  • Hi Fugendichter, it looks like the most knowledgeable of our fellow learner are not available those days... Sorry for I don't come with an answer to your question, just for a little chat in the meantime they return, but I had never seen the word "wrongfull" before. Still, I took a look on a translator, and I've understood that "wrongful" has a slightly different meaning with "wrong" : the termination could be right in another context, but here it is not the good one. The translation in this case is "injustifié, which is a french word, but you must be able to get it in german as well... Nice to hear from you again.
  • Of course it works, Fugendichter. I am so pleased to learn you are not a yes-man who is at the ready to believe all that he is told. Like you, I also try to put everything I read or hear into question, to describe it as if I had never seen or heard such a thing and then build up every possible interpretation of the thing. That's my way to do what you call "verify". So it's very relevant that you think the answers through, i.e. you ponder, you reflect on it, you reason about it before making up your mind. Undoubtedly you are a wise man, Fugendichter. Keep up the good way.
  • My post is in the same vein as yours, Pimpanella. Just a bit longer.
  • As for me, I think that the termination - as long as it is wrongful - is the act of dismissing someone from a job , or the situation of someone being dimissed from an employment. If so, wrongful means that the dismissal is unfair, evil, illegitimate, against the law or common sense. Pimpanella's reply was to the point as she said that a wrongful termination was an unjustified one. For a termination to be wrong, the word should mean something else, like the end of a word, the result of a calculation or things likewise. Best of luck to both of you.

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