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Gymglish Lesson - Missing Delavigne Corp Stories

Since last week, there aren't stories about Delavigne Corp anymore in the lessons I received. Is it the same thing for others users or is it special to my profile ?. I'm a bit disappointed because I liked thoses stories. I look forward to receive them again. Regards Laurent Dupré


  • This post was deleted by the author 10 years ago.

  • Since last week, there aren't stories about Delavigne Corp anymore in the lessons I received. Is it the same thing for others users or is it special to my profile ?. I'm a bit disappointed because I liked thoses stories. I look forward to receive them again. Regards Laurent Dupré
  • Ok, I stop, even if I believe that some compliments are not stollen, as long as they are heartfelt, in this not so easy life...

    So, to be honest with you, I can't be called a reader of Le Monde. I wish I could read newspapers more easily, but for me it is not as spontaneous as reading books, it needs much more endeavor. I've set Le Monde's RSS (flow ?) on my home page among others, (gymglish forum is one of them) and I read a post every now and again.

    I'm much interested in listening to BBC 1 with the text reading in the same time. Thank for the pointer, I'll try.

    Yes travelling is a very fulfilling way of life, and sure, when one is young it teaches them (?) a huge piece. Of course I remember many places, countries, people, not with nostagia, cause I really took all the years I needed for travelling. When I gave up, it was the time for me to settle down and start to do things for which you need to stay in the same place.

    Thank to remind me the capital letters, not only I don't take badly if one corrects my writing or other mistakes, but I am grateful, because I like to learn. What exactly does CW mean ?

    Have nice days too, keep in touch.
  • Waouh, Gymglish is right to give you this nice title and allow you to continue your lessons for free :
    - because you are the best living ad for GG, if you reached such a good level starting from quite zero ! I try to read english papers too, but I'm still with Vocable (I suscribed 3 months ago.) I'm going to try if I can read Newsweek on line...
    - while attending your uh.. vocabulary and grammar lessons ;-/ you remain a forum participant as well, and I appreciate your posts, for the knowledge you share, and much more (your poetry, your imagination, even if sometimes I get lost, like Jean Marron !)

    About me, thank for your praise, I'm touched ! I've started Gymglish lessons by chance, when I saw an offer for try in Le Monde, and I immediatly was convinced, it remind me how good it was to learn a language. I had learnt it not too bad at school, thanks to the school I was in, who made pupils start english in first classes at a time it was not common. But still when I left school, I would not utter a phrase with self-assurance... And then I left home and traveled for several years, and that's when I started to talk more easily, and... forgot a lot of academic rules, to manage a no-matter-the-mistakes way to be understood...
    Now, I came back to an academic learning, hopping that one day I could speak fluent and propper together. And understand too, as there are things like radio (except Radio Rhubarb ;-) songs, moovies, really to fast for me.

    My pleasure to exchange with you. And happy fifteen hundred !
  • And what do you say about that, AhQ, you're probably one of the most experimented gg learner among us, with 1499 lessons completed (waouh ! one more and it can be celebrated. ) Do you still receive new stories in your lessons ? Dwight a.k.a Calcard was saying above that when you reach a number of lessons like lolo84 or Jolanta, you may have run out the stock ?
  • Thank you, Pimpanella, for your follow-up. So nice to read you for you splash over the forum, you lash out at the selfish, you clash with the unrighteous and you slash dullness and boredom by your daily messages. Congratulations. CW is short for "corrections welcome". some years ago on this very forum, that two letters were frequently used. It had been suggested by another user who was herself an English teacher.

  • Stop showering praise on me, Pimpanella. There is no particular merit in my path, just obstinacy in getting the best of the GG.
    I am so much grateful to you for telling me about yourself.
    - You are a reader of Le Monde. Congratulations. I for one buy now and then the monthly Le Monde Diplomatique. I find it quite well documented as its journalists are strictly specialized. In that paper, not anyone talks about anything.
    - So, you were travelling for some years. A far as I remember, there is an old French saying “les voyages forment la jeunesse”. I looked for a similar in English and found in the “Quotations book” a quotation of Lisa St-Aubin De Teran (My goodness, what mannered a name!), “Travelling is like flirting with life. It's like saying, I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.” Now then, Pimpanella, aren't you often recalling some countries you visited with a twinge of nostalgia? Anyway it seems that it's by travelling that you came aware of the importance of having some smattering of English. And the core of the relationship with people is not an academic language but just understanding and making oneself understood.
    - As you evoked radio listening, I share your difficulties with too fast uttered talking. Do you know that on BBC 1 the teletext 888 displays the written text of what is spoken. As long as the program has been prerecorded, the text comes in the same time of the speech.
    So, thank you for your wish: the 1500 are over. I'm not used to often checking such record. I wish you had a good day, Pimpanella.

    PS You said “I came back to an academic learning“, Pimpanella. Don't remember that in academic language, every noun of a country or language takes a capital letter. English and American do so. Hope you won't take it badly. CW (for corrections to my say are welcome)
  • Yes indeed, Pimpanella, you're right. The stock has run out but I still get lessons with grammar, voc, exercices. All that for free as I've been awarded the title of 'friend for life'. Wow ! Could you guess that I can't help making mistakes here and there. I could give up but I don't, for I think it's the best way to keep on improving my English.

    No, Pimpanella, you're wrong. I don't rank among the most experienced GG learners. According to what I could read on this forum, there are some people much more fluent than me. When I started the GymGlish I knew next to nothing. Now I am able to readily read English papers, American magazines. I have a liking for Newsweek. I share its pro-Dem political left side. (By the way, Newsweek will turn only digital on January 2013. It will no longer be released on paper. That's the way the world goes.) About talking, I think I'm not that bad. Understanding is quite good as long as it is not roughly poured out. Keep up the good work, Pimpanella. It won't take you long to overcome my level.

    What about yourself, Pimpanella? As mates already told it, your nickname is so much bewitching that anyone is about to swoon for you (your name and your say. I guess it'd be the same if you came on in the flesh.) Why do you attend the GG lessons? What's your area of expertise? Looking forward to reading you forth.
  • Aren't you suffering from paranoia, Jolanta?

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