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Gymglish Lesson - Missing Delavigne Corp Stories

Since last week, there aren't stories about Delavigne Corp anymore in the lessons I received. Is it the same thing for others users or is it special to my profile ?. I'm a bit disappointed because I liked thoses stories. I look forward to receive them again. Regards Laurent Dupré

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  • "with" your daily messages would probably be better that "by" them. I dunno.
  • Are you sure I do all this, AhQ ? (I'll go and ask again for a traduction, because none of the rhyming verbs are part of my vocabulary) I know, it must be this nickname again, you take one and before you know what happens, you get invested by a personality... Ok for the old forum's term CW, we can blow off the dust and use it again.
  • Jolanta said

    Same here, since more than a week I've only gotten some grammar questions. What's up? I have the clear feeling the GymGlish program is on it's way downwards. That started when I only got lessons which were business oriented, even if I explicitly didn't want business English in my Area of Interests profile. If this goes on, I certainly won't extend my subscription. For some time, I've subscribed for a three year period the second time, and now I'm regretting that I paid for a product which is getting worse over the time.


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