English Idioms


  • I would have liked a way of saying "mille métiers, mille misères" in English - any idea ?
  • (more) Yes, but I won't appear as a Stakhanov of the post. I've just read, Stakhanov could dig fourteen times his quota ! He has been awarded the Red Banner and others (even if it was proved that he didn't do it all by himself). I suggest GG Staff creates an award, the Red Banner for the best post-man of the forum CW.
  • alas, my 568 posts will count for nothing in the calculation of my pension...too bad
  • AhQ, have you had no sleep since, waiting for Joceline's song ? My mourning is now finished. I'll never be able to beat your records : 2523 posts, 1494 lessons completed...and so many skillful remarks !
  • Well, Brainy Epsilon. I hadn't ever been using English language in my daily life, so, to be able to catch your say today, I had to start the GymGlish in time, i.e. several years ago. All I know in that language, I owe it to the GG (save the mistakes, of course). Anyway your 566 posts denote a smart and devoted GGuser.
  • I'm wide awake, with wide eyes and wide ears listening to your song, Joceline.

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