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Hi, I´m Sam from France and I live in Stockholm (Sweden). I´m a beginner with the English language and I would like to increase my knowledge. I´m happy if you want to communicate with me. My interest are english(of course) , meditation, yoga, walking in nature , reading.


  • Hi, Sam from France ! How is the weather like in Sweden, today ? I 'm asking that because here in the south of France, near Digne, the first snow of the season just felt last night, which is early.
    How long have you been living in Stockholm ? Do you enjoy it ? Do you work there ? Speak swedish ?
    When you say you are a beginner, I understand you actualy mean that you're a beginner with gymglish, but not in english, because you wouldn't write like you do if you started to learn english yesterday !
    I like reading too, and singing, and learning, and writing and walking in the montain, skiing and snowboarding. I'm sure meditation is great, but I leave it for another life ;)

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