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Hi! I would like to review vocabulary i have requested on my own way ... On the website it's written " generate printer-friendly files to review on your own time".... but there is no explanation to help you to do it ... I try to export the data in an excel file ... I succeed ... but i only have the english vocabulary ... and no french translation .... not really useful!!! Does somebody know how to proceed??? Thanks


  • @ Stephane Courtet : ;) You can do it in your Workbook, Vocabulary section : click on the hyperlink at the end of the headline sections (for example : Words to review over the short term(13)1-13), you'll be directed to that printer-friendly, bilingual text, and even PDF files !
  • (more...) I think that my DIF quota is over. (DIF - a kind of french Bildungsurlaub or In-service Training seems to be one of GG's distribution channel, just as ads in the papers - see Pimpanella's post. GG has contracts with big companies and ministries who have to manage DIFs for each one of their employees. For myself, I wanted to use the DIF to improve my English at work : I had to choose between several providers and I chose the GG product because 1) the Delavigne story is about an international company worth being studied to get appropriate vocabulary 2) It seemed to be good fun with nutty people and situations).
  • I had to stop because my company did not want to pay more. The GG team allowed me to participate to the forum and I have been a contributor ever since. There was no quotation mark, very sorry !
  • as I am not, at the moment, a learner, (I am a "has been" ;-) ) I cannot use this translation tool for my daily lesson. I just wondered if it could be used from outside the gymglish course; is a gymglish learner able to use it for words to be reviewed, for instance, from a book ? (the use of translation and memory tools could be a good argument for a new subscribing ;-) ).
  • yes, very interesting. Is it also possible to use it when reading a book for instance...
  • I tell you what I do sometimes : I collect vocabulary I don't know in a WORD file, separated by comas. I make a copy and paste in the REVERSO window and get the translation back. And then I forget to learn the words...;-) cheers
  • Ah , yes I had forgotten this little detail, your ghost condition ;) Does this mean that you stopped the GG lessons, because you reached the end ? (That's what I often wonder, is there an end to gymglish ?) Or for another reason, but you are still allowed to come and play with us in the playground ?
    I had read too fast your answer, and taken it for an affirmation, not a question. I can't imagine how it could be used outside the lessons, as it is the program which generate each user's vocabulary files.
  • What do you mean, εBrain ? What can be used, those PDF files, when reading a book ?
  • How nice to find this question AND Idoine91's answer, when I just discoverd the vocabulary review section in the workbook, but not yet how to get the PDF files with the translation, back and forth...
    And I am really more and more impressed by the quality of gymglish, with these features making an easy life for learners.

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