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Business Englisch problem

Hello, I paid for an GymGlisch PREMIUM but don't get anything relevant to business stories or vocabulary. I seems to me like an "normal" GymGlisch session I had one year ago. I don't want to pay more for silly stories like "A Small Detour". Please let me know, if there is a chance to get duties with business englisch. If not, I want some of my money back. Best regards, Isabella Binder

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  • I've got Reply w/Quote but nothing else :-( and then under comments Post / Preview / Cancel; WYSINWIS what you see isn't what I see ;-) it doesn't matter much; some components disappeared while travelling. I use a mozilla firefox interface V.10.0.6, perhaps the reason why..
  • Hi there. Just a quick one to say I really enjoy reading some of your comments ...I think some of you have come to such a perfect level ...Congratulations ! .....Could it me me 50 years time ...well , I'd better get going with my lessons then , because I'm almost 65 !.....Ho Ho !
  • Well this is weird, odd, strange and very peculiar ! I use Mozilla firefox as well... Let's sleep on it, tomorow will be another day, won't it ?
  • Not a button actually, it is written in red under your posts, after the date and time you post.
    There is : Reply w/quote Edit Remove Post
    Don't you have the same ?
    Thanks, the same to you.
  • Yeah. The options 'edit' and 'remove post' had been away but they show up again below my last post. Funny !
  • The robot changed its mind. Let's not forget the new system is still being tried out.

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