English Idioms

To make taxes

What on earth does that mean? (in the lesson: "The pros and cons of egg") ?


  • The pros of something are the positive aspect of it, its benefit. The cons are the negative aspects, its inconvenience. The pros and cons are translated "Das Für und Wider", "le pour et le contre". The pros and cons of egg means the pros and cons of eating eggs. To my mind, egg, singular, means egg stuff (de l'oeuf, Ei). I wish you had a ride, Ms Reitter.
  • But why 'to make taxes' as a title?
  • Is your question about taxes? If so, is the phrase included in a whole sentence? Could you please say a little bit more about the context. To make taxes fair? To make taxes increase? To make taxes regressive? Taxes ok but what else? JP

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