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Levels ..

Hi there I' m a new student , 62 lessons so far , I can't find which level I should get to to be ....perrrrrrrfect ! If perfection exists ! Let's have a good day .... I'm having a ball reading you all sometimes ... All my best , thanks for answering Trifle ( yumm, yummmm!)


  • hi, Trifle, you are welcome. Sorry, what do you mean by "having a ball " ?
  • By saying you were having a ball, Trifle, for sure you did it for kicks (= for making us have a good laugh, along with you!) But don't trifle with laughing, mate. Mind you don't go so far as laughing to death, we would miss you.
  • Hi everybody! For sure nobody is perfect... but Trifle :-)
    Hi Trifle, I'm glad that you came out here. You're definitely kinda geek in the pink this forum needs. Don't change anything. You're on the good way to the future.

    About the level, the max is 5.5
    But don't sweat it too much. Just have fun with all that stuff.

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