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As the Frantastique is about to swamp our forum, I'd like to ask a question. ESL is an abbreviation universally used for "English as a Second Language". I wonder whether FSL could be working for - not French as a Second Language, of course! - "le Français comme Seconde Langue". Any answer will be welcome.


  • Hi, I don't have an answer but as any answer is welcome, I'll only notice that the number of AhQ's posts is now : 2540. Gosh, it is just like votes in some French political parties !
  • Hi there ! No use to wonder if French can be used as " second language " ( FSL!) There's one and only one Language : it's English my dears ... Of course , I'm kidding ...well , not quite ! Nice evening to you all GG students...and some of you are sooooooo...brilliant ! Trifle ( aka Christmas Pudding !) anyone to correct my mistakes?, thanks for your kind answers about " levels" , I appreciated !...
  • Why not FSL for Français comme Seconde Langue. (instead of Français Langue Etrangère) As I had never heard of ESL acronym , I googled it and I found different things, in order :
    -Electronic Sports League, whatever they do,
    -a retail website selling electronic devices,
    -ESL séjours liguistiques,
    -ESL podcast, which provides podcasts to learn English, (seems interesting, I’ll have a further look on it.)
    Etc. The two last related to language.

    And what if the language isn’t a second one but a third ? Does it make any difference, will you write ETL, English as a third language ? Rubbish, don’t tell me ;)
    What about your French, AhQ, is it your mother tongue, or are you Flemish or German speaker?

    About Frantastic’s launch and the alien thread that appeared on this forum, it could be a good find : there are gonna be people learning French as a second language, who will chat on the French threads. Necessarily a proportion of them will be English native, and when they‘ll have read all of the French topics, they’ll come and see if they are more numerous on the English learners side. As for us, when we’ll have made our daily ride on the forum and found no new topic today, we’ll go and click on the French learners side. So there will be French native reading and answering the French posts, and English native to correct ours. Good deal !

    CW = correction welcome, as for Triffle, good night to all of you.
  • This is it, Pimpanella : on the GG forum, there is the GG Staff speaking perfect English, natives from Eton or Palo Alto, writing irremovable top posts, playing with masks and the poor GG Users trying to improve their knowledge of the language of the dominating breed...and there are exceptions just like Giusepe The Monkey, ready to communicate with users and AhQ about to reach, perhaps, the top of topics.
  • From Pimpanella: "What about your French, AhQ, is it your mother tongue, or are you Flemish or German speaker?" As no question is worth being left stranded, I've to tell you, Pimpanella, that French is my mother tongue even if as a wee boy I also heard a lot of Walloon over my head. About acronym, may I recall that an acronym is an abbreviation spoken as a name. NATO, OTAN. If the letters are spelled, like in ESL, there is no acronym.
  • AhQ wondered whether he may recall what an acronym was. Of course it's up to him to recall (= remember) anything he feels like recalling. He could also remind his fellow-learners of it.
  • Thank you for answering my personnal question, first, and to remind us what an acronym is. Is there no name for what is no acronym, when the letter are spelled like in ESL or AhQ ;) ? I had try to remember about abreviations like that somewhere at the begining of my gg lessons, but I failed.
    And what do you think about exchanges between French speakers and English speakers on this forum?
  • As AhQ is not very talkative these days and as there is a search function in the new version of the robot, just read what I found: - AhQ, aka Sandy, has a Belgian father speaking French and an English Mother - He was born in Watford, England and has lived for a time near Paris - He lives in Esneux (Belgium) and sings in a chorus (choir) [ extracts from Hello People, famous topic of the years 2010 ].
  • Stop it, Epsilon Brain. Don't believe everything you read, even on the GymGlish desk. It's a damn melting pot you're doing (doing? CW) with me and Sandy, a now and then life partner of myself. As a matter of fact I often let Sandy use my own line on this forum to chat with a German music teacher as she wasn't herself a GGuser. All you say is true as far as Sandy is at stake. But I am not her. I think being a male man. I met Sandy as I also sang in the same choir as hers, l'Essenelle (a name coming from Esneux). As for me I don't have British ascendants, just Walloon peasant ones. Now what about you, Brainy Epsilon? How did you manage to become so brainy? And what does mean that epsilon? Is it a mathematical or logical function potentiating your skills? I'd like to know a bit more about you as I am used to enjoying almost all your posts.

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