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As the Frantastique is about to swamp our forum, I'd like to ask a question. ESL is an abbreviation universally used for "English as a Second Language". I wonder whether FSL could be working for - not French as a Second Language, of course! - "le Français comme Seconde Langue". Any answer will be welcome.

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  • OK, AhQ, I won't hide from giving you answers... But first I have to achieve some special and urgent tasks in order to get a pension (as I've had many different professional lives, it is rather complicated) when I retire next February. But as you can see, I am not proud of my brains : I have a very bad memory and more, sometimes I understand very slowly : you see I had not thought till your last post (and despite the former one) that Sandy and you AhQ were two different persons. I feel sorry for it...
  • OK, AhQ, to your request, let me first explain what has been my job these last years (since 2007) : I'm an interviewer for economical polls in an Administration in order to calculate prices indexes. I usually meet CFOs and Controllers, and sometimes Sales and Marketing Directors in services private companies. I ask them how they can manage to give us, every quarter, the evolution of the prices at which they charge their customers. To know more about it, you can visit sites of the Voorburg Group (our top managers participate). CW You see... I'm not a GG user by chance : I wanted to know more about firms organization and Delavigne Corporation is perfect, though it is more a product than a services firm; I could have to meet Icarus Quincy or Philip Cheeter. I work in a small team of eleven people : 5 interviewers altogether, 4 administrative officers and 2 heads. Sometimes I've had to interview English or American executives in English. Part of my job consists of keeping an expertise in some specific businesses such as Information Technology, Software Engineering and Editing... CW
  • I am nothing but dazzled by the explanation of your job, Epsilon Brain. At first I got amazed at the Dutch sounding of the name of your company. Now that, as you suggested, I made inquiries on the internet, I know that the name comes from the first meeting of the Group in Voorburg in 1987 to comply with request from the United Nations Statistical Office. I feel that your job since 2007 is the crowning of a rewarding career. Of course I couldn't find out any edited paper by yourself as you don't show up as an author under your GG monicker. As you told being an expert in some business division kinda IT and so on, I can figure out what were your qualifications. I had a good laugh at reading how you compare your team with the Delavigne Corp's. Humour and stats go together. I wish you, Epsilon Brain, a rewarding end of career.
  • Nice topic, AhQ, congratulations ! Do you really believe that humor and statistics go together ? Side by side ? Yin and Yang ? When you, AhQ, say "humour", what I see is Geluck's cat and when I wrote Voorburg, secretly I hoped you would react to the "Dutch sounding". When the GG robot counts 2 posts, that's a statistic without any humor left, unless we hijack it to make some more communication. / CW / I'd also like to grasp thankfully the lines you threw to me : there is no crown (no golden one, in any case, just perhaps iron or tin if the new generations of workers still accept to pay for it) and no ascending career, just a juxtaposition of technical, commercial and managing worthy experiments, like a travel with stages... CW
  • A career path made of many varying legs is more pleasant than heading straight to the exit. You were blessed, eBrain. Say, blessed with being clever.

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