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Hold in contempt of court

Do you know what does "I will hold you in contempt of court" mean ? It is one of the pronunciation examples given for "contempt". I found : to hold sb/sth in contempt = mépriser qqn/ qqch, and contempt of court = outrage au tribunal. But I can't figure out what does the whole sentence mean.


  • I hold you in contempt of court. Doesn't it mean that I CONSIDER you in contempt of court? that I CATCH YOU IN THE ACT OF contempt of court. What's the context? I will hold you in contempt of court could be, for instance, that a defendant would be hold/accused/charged of contempt of court due to his demeanour. How does that grab you, Pimpanella?
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  • Not abiding by the instructions and rules at court can be a legal offence by itself. I think, if you are legally summoned to the court, as a defendant or even as a key witness, and you don't appear at court, this is also considered 'contempt of court', which is a punishable offence. So, if you are legally obliged to appear at court, or, more generally, behave in a certain way at court, and you don't follow your legal obligation, that's a punishable legal offence, and you can be held accountable for it. That is what 'to be held in contempt of court' means.
  • Thank you Dwight for this clear explanation, and AhQ too, you both agree about the meaning. It's unlikely that I will use this expression, but if I read it I will know it.
  • Dwight's explanation con't be clearer. Thanks to him.

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