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Who knows about John Blow ?

I don't, but I'm going to a conference and to morrow I'll be able to tell...


  • And the broadcast 'Le Magazine' on France Musique at 12h"30 yesterday was just devoted to this work!Some interpretes was invited who were speaking of the music's beauty of this opera, his overture from french inspiration, the musicality of the English tonghe, that this is practically his first performance in France etc...In short, the must to see.There will be also (for those who are concerned) a few dates in mid december at the Opéra Comique in Paris.Let them say to themselves! Ps: good luck for your paperwork(I read somewhere else you have) unless you have still finished.
  • Thank you eBrain to make me discover this musician,very close to Henry Purcell I did know well.It's the work of some of his songs or fugues which I felt me like learning English for the first time, and here I am! Yesterday after reading your post I have heard on you- tube a few works of him and particularly 'an ode on the death of Mr Henry Purcell' which is wonderful. (less well however than the one from Edward Moon.....) This conference should have be interesting. Have a nice WE GL
  • yes, the conference was, in a way, a preview of the opera which will be given in Angers and Nantes next January. In November, we've had in Vendee a concert "voice, organ and trumpet", pieces by Purcell : very nice too.
  • and now I tell what I heard (and that anybody can see in Wiki ;-) ). He was a musician, teacher and friend of Henry Purcell. The conference was about Venus and Adonis, one of the first opera (then called a Masque). An extract : Venus "Adonis, Adonis, Adonis ! Uncall'd-for sighs from my sad bosom rise And grief has the dominion of my eyes. Their voices only please me now that sing Of tombs, and urns, and ev'ry mournful thing: Return, Adonis, 'tis for thee I grieve." ...wounded by a boar, Adonis is going to die...
  • I don't, but I'm going to a conference and to morrow I'll be able to tell...
  • Now that I read your last post, Epsilon Brain, I wonder whether you are a music-lover, a musician or maybe a musicologist. I guess you found in Green Lemon a competent partner to speak about music and musicians.

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