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I'm from France. I have been learning english for 10 years but this is so difficult. I tried differents methods. I hope I improve here.


  • sorry that my reply was so long to appear, if it'd ever appear.There was a problem.I had however sent to you a post which took to me a lot of time, but unfortunately my message so labouriously written didn't come safe into port, it didn't come into port at all,it disappeared, vanished, evaporated,scatterbrained have been I not to keep it in memory.I hope that under an abbreviated form ,it'll reach to you
  • hello Pimpanella It is late and if I have time tomorrow I will try to explain about what you want to know. Have a nice all white night
  • Hello Fabienne, I have never asked me if this method was good or not to me.I have felt very quickly that my brain, resistant to any foreign tonghe eased, thanks to this daily lessons very well made, never borring.The pleasure of learning has come immediadely.One day, after a few months, I had to read a big article in a newspaper, and much of my surprise I was reading it nearly fluently.It was incredible! I am particularly grateful to the GGteam to have invented this method which suit me so well. So I encourage you keenly to go on.On the forum , don't try to understand all of that,it's often uncomprehensible.But if you ask question there will be always somebody competent to answer to you. CU(:see you soon)
  • That's a good one!It's you who have given me the idea to take mask (or I didn't understand), on one of my topics. Secondly, I would like to know what happened to some GG Users, I don't see how ill-intentioned people could have been prejudial to some people here (except my bore-to-death-full posts). It may be frightening to the newcomers.The warnings,like in an horror film... And thirdly,I prefer to keep it to mee.
  • I'm from France. I have been learning english for 10 years but this is so difficult. I tried differents methods. I hope I improve here.
  • Yes...I am afraid GG users writing posts are not numerous but just a happy (?) few ! I remember Gwendy aka Victorine he/she said the forum was not quiet enough. And Pimpanella ! no new post ! Is she still reading ? Have a nice day, every One reading. CW
  • No doubt, and you are welcome on this forum with other GG users eager to improve their English. Your post won't stay without a reply, not in real time, of course, there is always a delay but, as now 1 nickname = 1 GG User and only 1 (as long as you don't give your parameters to any one else, of course...), you'll be in good company..
  • It's too bad ! You wrote a story for us and it was eaten by the big mean posts eater ? Is it the same that happens sometimes to me, a finger goes on an inapropriate key, it switches the page and all is lost ? Or you did it right till you posted it and it didn't want to ? I often use the "ctrl a, ctrl c" key to save the lines I wrote here... Anyway, thank you for giving news and for your whishes. I have the same to you and to all the gg learners, may this year end well and the following start cool.
  • Yes I'm still here, and reading about all what's going on this forum, at least twice a week. I've had my hands full over here those days (from "Ray Upton, traffic reporter", my lesson of the day before yesterday :-)
    I don't understand the last Green lemon's post, he is being mysterious... And what's surprising me, is that many new users post one and only once, and it's like they never come to read the answer.
    Hello Fabienne, I hope you'll improve here too, and that you'll share a few talks with us.
    There's plenty of snow around, it's still snowing, all is white even the sky, and it is SO NICE !!

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