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Samantha is back ! Jeremie also...

Yesterday we were walking along the coast in Les Sables d'Olonne. Suddenly many sails appeared from the horizon and from the port. People met said : "yes, she is back, they told it on tv". Samantha and Jeremie have been welcomed back just as if they had been winners. But it is a pity, Samantha doesn't help us improve our English...She speaks a perfect French !


  • Vendée Globe ? Sorry, but I'm really unconcerned about that event, I just grab the clues you gave us to guess what it is about : Les sables d'Olonne, and a topic you wrote a few weeks ago.
    (I tried the link by the way, and I saw the boats tracks and position (is there no 'S for possessive when the name is plural ?) But that doesn't make me a fan of this race (nor of any other race I must say.)
    Do you leave close to Les Sables d'Olonne ? The two who came back gave up ? Boat's breakdown ?
    Anyway, I think we'd need twice as many hours in a day to read, listen, learn, watch and so on all what we are interested in...
  • Yes, I am a Westerner and a regionalist inside Europe. Western France could be an European Region as well as, let's say... Wallonie or Catalonia....

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