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just a personal statment

The new furum seems ( to me) rather dull and so clean, why ? Perhaps i changed my mind ? perhaps i got older, perhaps i ask too much? Anyway, always the same grammar's problems with" possible and possibly", that secures me ! Thanks. Gwen-Vic. nb : the best of "Tiffany twisted" posts has vanished, sad on me!


  • No more tiffany twisted posts to quench cute Gwen's thirst for knowledge or a golden necklace or a godlike fling or anything. No solace to Gwen. That's mind-numbing. Hell has no fury!
  • "Hell has no Fury..... like a woman scorned" : William Congreve in the Mourning bride.
  • Hi Gwendy, to me your statement sounds like a "good old days" syndrom. (In the good old days it was never so hot nor so cold, there was much more snow, and so on... It's like if people recalled the alleged lost paradise.)
    I don't say this doesn't happen to places, or events, that have been something really special when it emerged with something new, and then, few years later, the spirit is gone, and if it succeded, only a commercial aim remains.
    But things are also what we do with them (and why do I think of Chrismas ?)

    And the forum is alive with GG leraners who make it live, it changes and moves like everything alive in the world, it has busy times and some more quiet, days in and days off, some funny posts and some angry ones.
    I wish we were a few more, this I aggree with you. In the meantime let's keep to give a steady look on what's going on, say hello, question and anwer, share what we like, keep in touch ! CW, always.

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