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Black and white days

Hello all, With a little thought to all of you who are at work today instead of skying or spending time with your family ;-) In the today funky fridays, there is one wish of Bruno which is to come back to the "black and white days". What this expression refers to ? When I asked for the explanation of "black and white" Gymglish answer is "noir et blanc", great, I didn't need them for that answer ;-) I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2013. Marc


  • Well, Marc, I shared your concern about that expression. Unlike you, I didn't ask for a translation for I've known the GymGlish for so long that I knew it was a showy way of speaking. At first I thought it referred to the time when photographs and movies were in black and white. I found more on an internet site. It is an expression used down under to refer to one day on a yearly basis as people are asked to dress in black and white and donate for a foundation to help marsupials suffering from the DFTD (for Devil Facial Tumour Disease). That marsupials are commonly called Tasmanian Devils. The GymGlish expression has of course nothing to do with those "Black and White Days" of Australia. That's just a funny way of speaking typical of the GG.
  • Hello Marc and Ahq, Thanks for your posts, as usual. Marc, you're correct in your guess, and AhQ, I was afraid you mistook a joke for a sophisticated historical reference. 'The black and white days' is a joke, and refers to the days (in the past) in which pictures and films were indeed black and white. However, as I believe that historically, people were able to see colors, Bruno's line is ironic. The reason that our vocabulary module provides only a literal definition of the term is that 'black and white days' is not a real idiom, just a joke that we wouldn't want people to believe is a real expression. I hope this information helps, and hope you enjoyed this month's Funky Friday.
  • Hi Giuseppe, Thanks for your answer. As english is full of idioms of many kind, we're always wondering for the hidden meanings of expressions. And sometimes there is nothing more behind a simple expression than what is literally written. ;-) Have a nice day. Marc
  • Hi guys I was out for that holiday time so I missed the last Black Friday and the funky one as well, but I know Marc how it feels like receiving an unexpected funny oversimple reply from GG. For me, I'm lying down going down this road till it turns from color to black and white. To all, I wish you a happy new year. JP.

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