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An error or a misunderstanding of mine?

Hello all, in the "Suggestion Box: Secret Santa (Scene 1 of 4)" lesson I 'm wondering if there is not a mistake. The correction tells us that the good answer to the question : Luna wants the gifts and the gift givers to remain a secret. Is "true". But in the text I don't see any information about the fact that the gifts should remain secret. I guess that the gifts are unwrapped during the Christmas party (leading to smiles, laughs, jokes, ...) even if this is not said in the text. At least there is no indication that anyone should unwrap her or his gift out of the party. So what? Bruno


  • Hello Bruno, my turn to answer a lonely question. (it's not so busy here that we can't give an answer to every post, at least try to,) So I give you my personal view on your interrogation : I understood that in the secret Santa game, the givers and the gifts were to be secret till the party , but then, the presents gifts would be opened in front of all, so they would'nt remain secret. The givers maybe were to remain anonymous.
    That's how we played this game with my family few years ago...
  • Hello Pimpanella, thanks for your answer. Maybe you are right : the question "Luna wants the gifts and the gift givers to remain a secret." has to be understood "till the party" but this seems so obvious. I think there is an ambiguity and I hope that one Gymglish lessons maker will answer this point one day.
  • currently my lessons are very short .A mistake?
  • Hi all,

    Regarding the Secret Santa lesson, I agree with Pimpanella, and I think that the gifts remaining secret just means that no-one should tell anyone else what gift they have bought before the party. That's not so obvious, because if you didn't know that, then you might think that you could tell other people what you had bought, as long as they weren't the person you were giving the gift to!

    Robert, please write to support AT gymglish DOT com. They can help you.

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