English Idioms

Arrogance doesn't come

by itself, it needs practice. That's great. I didn't hear that before this way.


  • "Arrogance does not come", perhaps we don't know how to be an arrogant one ? perhaps we tried but we can't ? perhaps facing something so sweet that arrogance was impossible? Anyway, it sounds nice to me, not to be arrogant, not to be sure, just being there, just to look at, just to live without being an arrogant one . The word is so difficult these days, don't increase the mourning which is along.
  • sorry it needs (and not need) !
  • As usual, I just come to the forum looking at new topics, answers.... nothing much until ...English Idioms, "Arrogance doesn't come by itself, it need practice", all words that I know, but the global meaning ? Just let me try : doesn't it mean that people are not arrogant at once, but that they become arrogant progressively as encouraged (if I can say so) by others ? Thank you Fugendichter, this little fugue will certainly prompt new discussions...

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