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Irregular verbs

Hello everybody, I’m looking for a way to review irregular verbs. Do you know any good website with exercise? I don't think GymGlish propose this kind of feature, am I right? Have I find something not perfect with GymGlish? ;-) Thanks for your help! Diabolo


  • Hello diabolo, I just tried this website, http://erwandev.free.fr/
    Simple, there's a score, and the time is taken into acccount, but no obligation to feel stressed...
    Have a nice day !
  • Hello Diabolo, To remember words easy, I use this (free) program : <a href="http://ankisrs.net/index.html">http://ankisrs.net/index.html</a> You will find some explanation in french following this link : <a href="http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anki">http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anki</a> Have a nice day ! Mistakes are the portals of discovery. James Joyce.
  • Thank you both for your very interesting replies! Have a nice day.
  • I was curious about the memory program Anki you wrote about Thierry, I tried it and found it very useful, powerful and making enjoyable to learn whatever you want to learn...
    There's first the manual in English which is by itself a big work to understand, to get ready to use the software. And then I spent a few days making cards, with words I had in a list I had made while reading, French word, English translation, and I also managed to record the pronunciation for the ones I'm not sure.
    I'm happy with it now, and moreover, one day it can help my kids to learn too, as they still have a long learning future ahead of them...
    So, thank you Thierry !
  • Yes, it's a very powerful and helpful program to memorise hundreds of words or other interesting things. For my part, I am so satisfied of this free software that I donated some Euros to the author to support him for his excellent work. He thanked me from Japan. Have a good evening.
  • I think you did right, I have considered doing this for a few seconds as well. I'm going to try to have other thoughts like this untill it leads to a fulfilling... Good evening, and nice night to you.

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