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Hello, When gymglish request to rate a topic (with 5 stars), is it about text's difficulty or the interest's level ?


  • That's a good question, thanks for asking ;) I don't have an answer, and except for the first time I saw those stars and gave a note, I haven't done it since then. I can't see how useful it could be, and what we are supposed to rate, like you say. Anyway, all the stories are more or less funny, satirical with a touch of preposterous, and so what ? If I find one boring, because it's about things I'm not interested in, other will find it good, so whatever... And the robot isn't spiteful, it still gives me a score.
  • Hello, yes indeed, it is a good question. The first time I saw those rating-possibility, I guess had more than 100 lessons done. First I ignored that possibility. Than I rated only casually and than more regularly. But sometimes it is really difficult, because the story content is for example not my taste, but that what I've leaned from this lesson, was really useful. So neither can I rate really bad, nor can I give five stars. Maybe we should propse to implement the possibility for nuanced ratings. - One for the content, one for the understanding of the tasks and one for the (felt) learning success of the excercises.

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