English Vocabulary


hello everybody i "'ve got a question about a word which i don't know really translate in frencH: it's snowsuit For me it should be translate by "combinaison de ski" What do you think about? thanks for your reply DELPHINE


  • hello Delphine, According to me, this is the wright translation. See you Aurélie
  • thanks a lot i've somethins else to ask you .What about" dry-eyed and burning" i was thinking about :"les larmes aux yeux" but i'm not quite sure. thanks for your reply Delphine
  • Why always to want have everything translated ? Perhaps the general signification of the text is enough ?
  • According to me to be dry-eyed and burning should not be translated by "les larmes aux yeux", you can be dry-eyed , it means that you've got your eyes which are burning and you feel them dry, which is unpleasant... and sometimes needs some medicine. It's a physical symptom. When you have tears in your eyes you're about to cry... it can be because of a pain or an emotion.
  • If you feel dry-eyed, it's like feeling your eyes burning, itching, for example as a consequence of something in your eyes or due to a draught, or a medication. Is it that it makes your eyes turn full of tears? Dryness leading to tears? What's your own experience?

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